Taking Credit Card Orders Securely

If you don't have a full E-commerce web store / shopping basket setup, you can still take credit card orders on your web site, via a secure order form that sends encrypted details to you via email. In order to do this you will need three things:

1) A merchant account with your bank so that you are able to take 'customer not present' credit card transactions. Your bank will normally provide you with a PDQ machine, which connects via the phone to your bank and allows you to process the credit card details you receive by email from your site.

2) Our SSL secure server account upgrade. See here for further details on the SSL services we offer. Essentially, once you have SSL set up on your site, you'll have a part of your site where you can place pages and scripts that will be fully encrypted with 128-bit encryption when transmitted to your site visitors, as will any input they send back via any forms in your SSL area. The most basic way to collect details is with an HTML form linked to a form-to-mail script (which we can provide) running in your secure area. This then mails the output to an email address of your choice, which should preferably be a mailbox on your Positive account (see below).

3) An email client capable of SSL secure email collection. You should direct any email output from your SSL area to a mailbox in your Positive account, such as a mailbox called 'orders' or suchlike. This means the mail never leaves the server, remains secure and doesn't sit waiting unsecurely at your ISP for collection. You would then use an email client capable of SSL secure email collection to safely and securely download this mail to your computer. Currently Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, the latest version of Eudora and SecureBat have this ability.