Z shared-hosting

Introducing our

Z shared-hosting

Cost-effective shared hosting done right

Z is the pioneering shared hosting service; run the latest agile frameworks for little more than a tenner a month, with the assurance of our unique support promise.

Z shared-hosting

Z-Hosting features include:

£125 per year

(ex VAT p.a.)

Accounts set up within 24 hours
28-day no quibble money back guarantee

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For too many, shared accounts are seen as little better than the hosting equivalent of tinker toys - amusing playthings, but not suitable work vehicles.

The Positive Internet Company's Z Account, on the other hand, means business. Thousands of customers rely on them to run showcase sites, e-commerce systems and rich database-driven ventures.

Each Z Account lives on a server exquisitely tuned by Positive Internet's GNU/Linux experts to ensure a feature-set, uptime, throughput, reliability and security that astonishes even our best competition.

Java Servlets and JSP are available as standard; there are no punitive proscribed bandwidth limits; our promise to reply to any support query within three working hours is unparalleled. As such, Z lets you ramp up your web applications to levels where you can comfortably upgrade to one of Positive Internet's dedicated or managed services without having to panic about their being sliced off just as they begin to bloom.

Z shared-hosting features

  • 3 hour support response promise

    We know that a properly supported service is crucial. This is why we promise that, during working hours, no Email will take longer than three hours to receive a considered response - from a human. In addition all customers have access to an emergency SMS system to alert engineers 24/7 of any urgent problem. There are no "no go" support questions with us.

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  • PHP5, C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby

    Positive provides full support for the full set of agile languages and technologies: whether you want to use PHP5, Java, Python or Ruby, you'll find it fully supported on our Z platform. This means that systems like Wordpress, Joomla and Ruby on Rails just work, beautifully.

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  • Full Shell & FTP access

    Some webspace providers don't even mention in the small-print how limited their maintenance facilities are. Well, with us you not only get full, live FTP access, but you also get a full Unix shell account with all the programs and facilities you'd expect with it accessible via SSH.

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  • 1000MB of storage space

    A MASSIVE 1000 MB of storage is yours to use as you wish, for your web site, database, logs, mailboxes and whatever else you want to do.

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  • Massive redundant BGP multi-gig optical backbone

    Our backbone providers include full LINX peering, redundancy and massive throughput. Many web-hosting services stuff all their virtual-servers down a congested line. Not us! You can be assured your web pages will be delivered to your visitors at top speed.

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