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You receive more than secure machines connected to a world-class network; you get a team of expert systems engineers at your disposal: leave the technicalities to us and get on with doing what you do best.

VIP Hosting: The Positive Experience

Welcome to The Positive Internet Company's selection of managed Internet server solutions. We are proud that our range remains at the pinnacle of exciting new technologies whilst staying true to Positive's proven principles:

Firstly, we focus and hone our technical expertise; we are dedicated to Open Source platforms for flexible and empowered hosting. Secondly, we're stable and our aspirations are long term. Our growth has always been sustained and measured: we borrowed no money during the bubble, and we remain lean and strong. Thirdly, we have always worked to keep market share rather than simply to gain it. This means our business plan relies completely on our retaining happy customers rather than just playing the numbers game.

We are keen to differentiate our services from those many prepared to operate at the lowest common denominator. This is both a challenge and an opportunity. As such, we bear in mind that the Internet's main success has been in its enabling of effortless communication. This is the key to our business ethos: we actively engage with you. Some of our competitors dread customer contact. We revel in it, maintaining a fruitful dialogue so that we don't have to second-guess one another. That way, we can pre-empt hitches before they happen. It's as straightforward as that.

To start, we will tailor a solution that is best for you, not simply the one that yields us the quickest financial return. Again, we're in this for the long term. We approach each new account with that in mind. By bringing your enterprise to the Positive Internet Company, you benefit from simply unmatched technical knowledge, presented and delivered in a friendly and approachable manner. Our engineers are directly available at all hours of the day and night, to handle any issue that might arise. Your dedicated Account Manager will take the time to learn about your requirements, thus unshackling you from the tedium of systems administration.

The Positive Internet Company is uncharacteristic. Our desires go beyond quick-fix profitability. We tire of companies proclaiming how "proactive" and "customer facing" they are, as if merely parroting these buzzwords camouflages the unfortunate reality. Vibrant salesmanship gives way to rusty delivery. Sparkling promises fade into mundane reality once the contract is signed. Glossy brochures mask a dull service. Not with Positive! We are not typical. Our service is even more alluring than our brochures.
In short, we're good.