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VIP Hosting - Enterprise

VIP Hosting - Enterprise

Increased processing and memory power

The Enterprise server introduces increased processing power and memory to the range. The Enterprise system includes the ability to expand the system to massive memory and hard disk requirements allowing for high intensity mailing systems, high capacity media serving. It is ideal for java applications and high-processing / memory resource intensive applications. The hardware configuration allows you to get fast and reliable data delivery on busy sites. The server uses a server-class motherboard / backplane for increased reliability and performance.

The technology ensures that intensive database transactions do not swamp the server's throughput. If required this server may be used with hardware SCSI RAID devices and have additional memory specifically added to the RAID card. This allows hyper-efficient multi-level caching, further increasing the server's performance capabilities. With its 2000 Gigabytes of included data transfer per month, popular sites are well catered to. The Enterprise server scales well for multimedia delivery, for streaming and for projects making intensive use of database facilities.

The server is housed in a 2U case. This gives extra room for ventilation and for drives mounted in caddies. This ensures long-term reliability, with simple drive exchange should it be necessary. As with the Professional server, the Enterprise contains two live power supply units. Should one of them fail, the second unit will take over without a glitch, allowing a replacement at a time convenient to you.

  • Basics

    • Debian / GNU Linux1
    • Web control panel1
    • Service Level Guarantee99.9%
    • Network BackupWeekly
    • Linux firewall systems1
    • 24 hour network monitoring and paging1
  • Key Hardware

    • Rack mount2U
    • ProcessorQuad Core AMD Opteron
    • Memory8GB ECC
    • Disk Space3 x 1TB SATA
    • MotherboardServer Class
  • Bandwidth & Environment

    • Bandwidth2TB per month
  • O.S. & Software

    • Operating systemDebian/GNU Linux.
    • Web serverApache.
    • Server accessUnix shell (via SSH), FTP, web-based Control Panel. Superuser (root) access allowed
    • Control panelComprehensive web-based admin system for server and email administration.
    • Mail serverQmail (emulates Sendmail) or Postfix
    • Name serverDedicated or managed DNS server
    • TechnologiesPHP, Perl, MySQL, Python, Apache (more can be installed as required).
    • E-CommerceSSL secure server facilities (requires SSL certificate).
    • Software Updates & InstallationAdvanced Packaging Tool available from command line and web panel.
  • The Data Centre

    • State of the art modern data centre1
    • Attended 24/7 by sys admins & security staff1
    • Security-tag controlled entry points1
    • Visual photo ID check on entry1
    • Closed circuit cameras1
    • Combination locked cabinets1
    • Under-floor air conditioning system1
    • FM2000 Fire Suppression1
    • 24hr diesel backup power generators1
    • Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)1
    • Electrical power filtering and smoothing1
  • The Network

    • 1000Mb/s backbones - with instant expansion capability 1
    • Multiple redundant BGP routes to the UK LINX, Europe and Transatlantic1
    • 1000Mb/s network with 1000Mb/s switches: no contended hubs1
    • Custom built high specification Intel routers running GNU/Linux.1
    • Advanced Cisco switch and Juniper core router technology1
    • Storm and DDOS protection systems1
    • Scan and intrusion detection facilities1
  • Pricing

    • Monthly Payment Charge£850
    • Quarterly Payment Option£CALL
    • Annual Payment Option£CALL