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Our technical consultants save you headaches

We can help you become PCI-DSS compliant or ISO 27001 certified. We'll harden your systems to bank-grade security. We'll design world-class DR and backup systems. And we'll run training courses tailored to your specific requirements so you can use your technology at its best.

IT Business Advice

We have helped thousands of organisations to prosper using Free Software and open source technologies. Whether you need assistance configuring a Linux desktop system in your office or want us to harden your existing server infrastructure so that it becomes PCI compliant, we can do it. Consult us for any advice, training or projects: with us, you get not just a man with a clipboard, but a whole team of experts at hand to make sure that every problem gets solved.

Hardening and PCI compliance

We know how to get existing systems compliant. Whether you host with us, elsewhere or internally, we will work with PCI scanners and auditors to get you battened down, certified and ready for business. Don't pull your hair out at the obscure non-compliant scan result - give us a call and we'll make it go away quickly and easily.

DR and backup

Want your data backed up securely, from anywhere, without having to worry about tapes and untrusted middlemen? Want a bullet-proof disaster-recovery option that doesn't cost the earth? Get in touch and we'll make it so.

Linux sysadmin advice

Need a hand upgrading your current Linux distribution? Have an office full of desktops refusing to play with your Linux server? Want some advice in mirroring a virtualised environment? Maybe you want someone else to take the hassle out of installing and managing that big Conent Management System you need by last Friday? You know who to call.

Open source training

We've run bespoke training courses for government agencies, blue chip companies and individuals just curious about getting up to speed with Linux and its open source ecosystem. Our "Positive Skills" training doesn't simply bring you a pre-packaged course, but tailors our teaching for your specific needs. That's why our sessions are constantly rated as "excellent" in post-course surveys. Let us train you or your team today, at your premises or in a number of UK locations. We'll give you invaluable hands-on knowledge of the agile systems you want to use to their best.

Database and site optimisation

We've had over a decade of making systems run efficiently in every conceivable configuration. Before you fork out thousands on new hardware to make your site run more quickly or reliably, give us a call: our team will profile your applications and website, suggest database optimisations and cacheing strategies that could save you significant time and money. Give our efficiency wizards a call and let them do their magic.

Cutting through the cloud

So, you have a large, scalable system in the cloud but need someone to manage and support this - someone who can make the whole thing less ... nebulous? We have substantial experience at just this, combining Amazon Web Service and similar clusters with our own systems and monitoring expertise. We've done it for major broadcasters during major events like the World Cup and the X Factor. Now let us do it for you.

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