Introducing our

Dolphin Dedicated Servers

A real server for real applications

The Dolphin Server provides your web site with real physical server performance, processing power and memory ensuring a fast, stable service at an unbeatable price.

Dolphin: Software

The Dolphin Range benefits from the power of the Debian GNU/ Linux distribution. Its Advanced Packaging Tool makes the downloading and installing of even complex server software as simple as a mouse click. Once installed, all software may be tracked automatically for updates and security patches, which are downloaded and implemented. For ease of use combined with all the power to effectively manage your server, the Debian GNU/ Linux distribution is simply unmatched.

Ready & Configured

System software provided on the Dolphin Range includes the SSL-ready Apache web server with PHP, Perl, Java servlet and JSP support, Qmail - a secure and reliable mail server, BIND for DNS management and the MySQL database server, as well as all the other tools and facilities available through our shared packages. These are configured and ready to use.

Unlike a shared environment, you have full control over what runs on your server, which you can tailor to your own requirements. As well as full Unix shell and FTP access, we also provide a comprehensive Web Control Panel for easy administration of all the server's administrative functions.

Complete E-mail Control

Managing your e-mail could not be easier.Our complete, specially designed web based e-mail management system gives you access to all your domains and from one easy control centre. This allows total control of reading and managing all your e-mail, user accounts and mailing lists.