Introducing our

Dolphin Dedicated Servers

A real server for real applications

The Dolphin Server provides your web site with real physical server performance, processing power and memory ensuring a fast, stable service at an unbeatable price.

Dolphin: Hardware

The Dolphin Range has a powerful array of hardware and Positive Internet only use proven, quality, high-performance, branded components. The servers communicate with the network through a 10/100 network card, connected to a dedicated 100 Mb/s switch port. GigE Connections are also available, please ask.

Added Peace of Mind

The high-speed drives have plenty of space to handle large sites, logs and databases with ease. The Dolphin Server includes a second drive to make daily local backups. This gives added peace of mind, and allows the server to be rebuilt to the last known good image, even in the event of a complete drive failure. The Orca and BM go one step further by introducing RAID to the Dolphin Range.

Full ZDR Reboot Control

You have full control over system reboots via our special ZDR (Zero Delay Reboot) feature. Via a simple, secure web-based remote switching interface you can power cycle your server instantly on demand (should this ever be required).

Power & Expertise

The RAM and processor will provide ample power for process intensive sites.

Our size and expertise mean we are able to have your server configured and ready to use on the same day you order it.