Introducing our

Dolphin Dedicated Servers

A real server for real applications

The Dolphin Server provides your web site with real physical server performance, processing power and memory ensuring a fast, stable service at an unbeatable price.


100% Linux/Open Source with the very best in hardware and support, that's the Positive Internet experience.

With a Dolphin Dedicated Server, you get a real server machine all to yourself (not a virtualised pretend server or some chunk of a "cloud"). It provides your web applications with the space, processing power and memory resources not available on any shared solution. This ensures a constant, stable quality of service at an unbeatable price.

Positive Internet has been named by Web Hosting Directory as the best UK provider for dedicated hosting. We're good.

  • Software

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    The Dolphin Range benefits from the power of the Debian GNU/ Linux distribution. Its Advanced Packaging Tool makes the downloading and installing of even complex server software as simple as a mouse click. Once installed, all software may be tracked automatically for updates and security patches, which are downloaded and implemented. For ease of use combined with all the power to effectively manage your server, the Debian GNU/ Linux distribution is simply unmatched.

    Ready & Configured

    System software provided on the Dolphin Range includes the SSL-ready Apache web server with PHP, Perl, Java servlet and JSP support, Qmail - a secure and reliable mail server, BIND for DNS management and the MySQL database server, as well as all the other tools and facilities available through our shared packages. These are configured and ready to use.

    Unlike a shared environment, you have full control over what runs on your server, which you can tailor to your own requirements. As well as full Unix shell and FTP access, we also provide a comprehensive Web Control Panel for easy administration of all the server's administrative functions.

    Complete E-mail Control

    Managing your e-mail could not be easier.Our complete, specially designed web based e-mail management system gives you access to all your domains and from one easy control centre. This allows total control of reading and managing all your e-mail, user accounts and mailing lists.

  • Hardware

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    The Dolphin Range has a powerful array of hardware and Positive Internet only use proven, quality, high-performance, branded components. The servers communicate with the network through a 10/100 network card, connected to a dedicated 100 Mb/s switch port. GigE Connections are also available, please ask.

    Added Peace of Mind

    The high-speed drives have plenty of space to handle large sites, logs and databases with ease. The Dolphin Server includes a second drive to make daily local backups. This gives added peace of mind, and allows the server to be rebuilt to the last known good image, even in the event of a complete drive failure. The Orca and BM go one step further by introducing RAID to the Dolphin Range.

    Full ZDR Reboot Control

    You have full control over system reboots via our special ZDR (Zero Delay Reboot) feature. Via a simple, secure web-based remote switching interface you can power cycle your server instantly on demand (should this ever be required).

    Power & Expertise

    The RAM and processor will provide ample power for process intensive sites.

    Our size and expertise mean we are able to have your server configured and ready to use on the same day you order it.

  • Support

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    The Positive Internet Company offers an expert support team. All members are highly trained, Linux certified engineers with a wealth of IT experience.

    Flexible & Cost Effective

    Support levels provided with the Dolphin Range are purposely streamlined, this enables us to offer you such a great specification at this very reasonable price. The Dolphin Server gives you the power to make your decisions.

    We include a free unlimited three-hour support promise during working hours via e-mail and are happy to answer general questions in relation to simple scripting or server configuration and administration. You also have the capability to page an engineer 24/7 via our web based SMS system in an emergency.

    Ready for Immediate Use

    The Dolphin Server comes pre-configured and ready to serve all your essential e-mail, database and web functions. It also includes a comprehensive web-based Control Panel to simplify all your administrative tasks. We provide a three-hour support promise during working hours via e-mail and are happy to answer general questions in relation to simple scripting or server configuration and administration.

  • Network

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    With a Dolphin Server you will enjoy a very generous monthly bandwidth allowance. Positive are able to offer such generous bandwidth due to an exceptionally powerful network and unrivalled bandwidth agreements. We have the flexibility to meet all the peaks and troughs in your bandwidth usage.

    Resilient Network Routing

    Positive Internet enjoys extensive international connectivity from multiple high quaity bandwidth providers. This allows for maximum throughput between your site and your visitors irrespective of geographical location and built in resilience and failover, ensuring maximum network uptime for your site.

    Maximum Security & Integrity

    Your Dolphin Server's security is of paramount importance to us and we take exceptional care to guarantee the constant integrity of your server. Sophisticated traffic analysis ensures data is transmitted via its most efficient path and that attempts at "denial-service-attacks" are rendered useless immediately.

Compare our Dolphin products

Debian / GNU Linux1111
Web control panel1111
Unrivaled bandwidth1111
3 hour support response time1111
24 / 7 Emergency SMS service1111
ZDR power control system1111
Java Servlets and JSP111
Two drive system1
Software RAID controller1
SCSI hardware RAID controller1
CaseMini case rack mount1U rack mount1U rack mount2U rack mount
ProcessorIntel Core 2 DuoDual Core AMD AthlonQuad Core AMD Phenom2 x Quad AMD Opteron
Disk Space1 x 80GB E-IDE2 x 500GB SATA3 x 500GB SATA3 x 1TB SATA
Network Card10/100 ethernet10/100 ethernet100/1000 ethernet10/100 ethernet
BackupOptionalNightly localNightly localNightly local
Bandwidth250GB per month500GB per month750GB per month1.5TB per month
Setup Charge£99£99FreeFree
Monthly Payment Charge£95£175£440£800
Quarterly Payment Option£275£515£1240£2500
Annual Payment Option£1050£2030£4950£9500
Minimum Terms12 Months12 Months12 Months12 Months
Normal Setup TimeSame DaySame Day2 Weeks2 Weeks